3D Surround Bluetooth Subwoofer Sound bar


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The 3D Surround Bluetooth Subwoofer Sound bar’s sound quality is surrounded two speakers, stereo sound. Dual full-frequency sound units with a double bass sound guide hole produce four units of sound, resulting in 360-degree stereo surround sound. Full-range speaker with independent volume control, a cloth texture design, and a breathing light.

Upgrade anti-magnetic technology and say goodbye to mobile phone and PC electromagnetic interference. Available Wired/Bluetooth versions, 3.5mm jack, computer/mobile phone/TV, widely compatible.


  • Surrounding dual speakers sound quality, stereo sound. Dual full frequency sound unit + double bass sound guide hole, realize 4 units sound, 360° stereo surround sound
  • Independent volume adjustment
  • Upgrade anti-magnetic technology, bid farewell to electromagnetic interference of mobile phones and computers
  • Widely compatible, 3.5mm jack, computer / mobile phone/TV available
  • Full-range speaker
  • Cloth texture design, with breathing light.
  • Wired/Bluetooth versions


  • Product name: computer wired Bluetooth speaker
  • Color classification: white / black
  • Product size: 415*78*68mm
  • Speaker specifications: dual speakers
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
  • Audio input: AUX / Bluetooth wireless
  • Charging interface: USB interface