90° Right Angle Clamp


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Ultra-EASY woodworking joinery!

Boards must be screwed or glued together in a perfect square! On your corners, use this 90° Right Angle Clamp! Fix, position, and securely hold your workpieces!


Maintains the alignment of your joints and corners. Hold boards and frames together at a 90° angle quickly and effortlessly. Effortlessly assemble shelves, tiny cupboards, frames, or furniture!


The rubberized single handle is strong and non-skid. With just one hand, make your task simple and quick! This allows your second hand to concentrate on your work. In no time, you’ll be able to set up and secure your DIY projects.


This is built of robust and durable ABS, but it’s light enough to comfortably keep in your hand for long periods of time. Save time on the job and lessen the workload on the surface!

Adjusts automatically to allow you to work on various board thicknesses. It has a floating head that can be adjusted and plated spinning spindle screws for perfect alignment. It may be readily attached to any corner or T-joint.

Best for woodwork, cabinet connections, photo frame reinforcement, and wooden DIY projects. Use it for welding, framing, drilling, installing furniture, and doweling.


  • Color: Orange + Black
  • Clamping range: 5-22mm, 10-22mm
  • Total Length: 78mm / 3.1in
  • Maximum Width: 85mm / 3.3in
  • Maximum Height: 51mm / 2.0in

Package Inclusion/s: 

  • 1 pack 90° Right Angle Clamp includes 4pcs.