Automotive Heating Deicing And Cooling Dual Function Equipment

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Main Features

Hot and cold double switch

The winter heating function and defroster can ensure clear vision when driving. Summer can be used as a fan.

Humanized Design

Auto heating and deicing refrigeration dual-function equipment with support, double-sided tape, three air outlets, can produce a large area of wind, heating and cooling quickly, efficient and convenient. The 180° rotating bracket is professionally designed to meet any of your needs and can be preheated and pre-cooled anytime, anywhere, or kept warm and cool when the engine is not running.

Easy to Install

Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket to remove ice and frost from the windshield. It is durable and has an ergonomic handheld design. It has a built-in fuse that will automatically cut off the power when there is a safety hazard. There is no security risk.

Wide range of uses

Suitable for car, camping and station wagon. Suitable for all vehicles, there are three heater outlets, so it can be heated or cooled quickly. It has many functions such as defrosting, mist removal, car heater, and cooling.


It is made of ABS, so the heater does not damage easily. With its excellent design and high-quality cables, there are no weak links.

Using Methods

Just plug it into the socket of the car cigarette lighter, and our different styles fully meet the 12v and 24v design.


Materials: ABS
Models: 12v, 24v
Colors: Red, Black
Product Size: 18cm × 14cm × 5cm

Package Contents
1 x Automotive Heating Deicing And Cooling Dual Function Equipment

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