Car Travel Pillow

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Car Travel Pillow, Not only passengers but also drivers, old people and children need. Made of automobile leather, wear resistant, breathable, environmentally friendly and healthy. The fixed position adopts special ABS material, which makes the product stronger and more durable. Long car journey, short and efficient rest, for the second half of the journey reserve energy.

  • Improve long – distance travel car fatigue, make long-distance travel more relaxed.
  • Radian design, will not squeeze the shoulder, let you easily without burden.
  • Wide applicability: 98% of the cars on the market can be used.
  • Detachable pillowcase for easy cleaning.

This pillow can be placed on the second car seat below

Car seats with a double pole hole spacing of 9.5CM-18CM can be installed.


  • Material: Environmental Protection ABS + Memory Cotton
  • Size: 39cm x 25cm x 17cm
  • Type: Headrest
  • Weight: 835g
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