CarDoctor™ Undercarriage Cleaner

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Clean Your Undercarriage Twice As Effective With Less Hassle!

Tired of bending over just to reach the undercarriage of your car for a thorough clean up? Then it’s time to get our CarDoctor™ Undercarriage Cleaner!

CarDoctor™ Undercarriage Cleaner is super easy to use. Simply hook it up to the water source, spray down and watch just how fast it melts the dirt, leaving you surprised and your car looking good as new. Uniquely created with multi-angular spray nozzles, it can get under your car with ease and clean in those hard to reach areas, effectively eliminating the need to lie on your back and go under your car to thoroughly clean your undercarriage.


  • Convenient: Gets under your car in those hard to reach areas and cleans every spot to bottom. Giving you an easier time to clean it spotless without the constant bending, reaching and putting stress on your joints.
  • Multi-Use: Not only it’s good for cleaning under your car but it’s also good for even cleaning your driveway/patio. Killing three birds in one stone.
  • Precise: Gets out mud, dirt and even the grimiest of stains in pass through. Cleaning out twice as much dirt in half the time with half the energy.
  • Quick Connect: Easy to connect and release with 1/4 inch male plug. Connect under-car washer and pressure washer wand.
  • Flexible & Effective: This washing machine is suitable for both hot and cold water. Besides, this machine is ideal for sweeping loose debris, such as sand, leaves, light mud, etc.


  • Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Silver
  • Type: Upwards (nozzle facing up)/ Downwards (nozzle facing down)
  • Connector: 1/4″ Push-type
  • Size: 350x110mm/13.8×4.33″
  • Gross Weight: 1500g


  • 1 x CarDoctor™ Undercarriage Cleaner
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