Clothes Folding Board

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Product Feature

  • The Sturdiest Design, More Durable Materials
  • The Highest Customer Reviews Score In Folder Brand
  • Over 10 Year Experience, Over 8 Professional Designs
  • Only 3 Steps And 3 Seconds To Make Things Done,Easy to Use
  • Perfect for folding trousers, shorts, pajamas, T-shirts, etc, Nontoxic certificate.

Product Description

Fastening design takes up close to ZERO storage space.

It can fold shirts and garments evenly & uniformly in just 3 seconds.

The Folder is manufactured using the best quality material, our folder possess a certificate which means our material is Absolutely nontoxic. Environmental PP Materials avoid embrittlement caused by severe climate change.

Perfect for folding trousers, shorts, pajamas, T-shirts and thick clothes. Indispensable family tool for all people without any age limit: no matter a little kid unfamiliar with clothes manually folding or an old man unable to use hands flexibly, will incredibly realize clothes folding so interesting and easy.

You will find folding clothes easy and interesting with this Clothes Folder Board! Use this and you can fold your shirts, garments, and laundry, evenly and uniformly all the time in just THREE EASY STEPS. It will turn your closets, shelves, and drawers into an excellent organization! Use this great tool to simplify your house chore of laundry folding!

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