Cool Ball Heat Dissipation Skidproof Pad Cooler Stand


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This laptop stand could be adjustable in height and angle of your laptop for your healthy body posture to minimize neck fatigue or spine problems. No tools are needed for adjustment, just a push or a pull depending on your need. Also, it is foldable for easy storage and has a designed handle hole for easy carrying. The tiny compact stand raises your laptop 6 inches to eye level, preventing you from hunching over your screen and reducing neck and shoulder pain. Furthermore, the stand’s edge is so smooth that it protects you from getting scratched.

Because the ventilated elevator desk stand only has two holder hands rather than a full flat, there is more space for heat to escape and keep your notebook computer from overheating. You may also store your office supplies, such as your keyboard and mouse, under the thin stand. The heat conduction alloy and ventilation hollow design work together to cool down your computer and avoid overheating. The carefully processed aluminum alloy material looks elegant and delicate, is easy to clean, rust-proof, and scratch-proof. The bottom panel’s specially designed storage groove provides space for devices such as cell phone, USB storage, IPAD pen, wireless mouse, and stationery such as pen, eraser, and stapler.

Product function

Magnetic design and Skid resistance

Aluminum alloy material and silicone

Suitable for all kinds of Laptop and Pad



Item Name: Multifunction Magnetic Laptop Stand

Color: Pink/Purple/Grey/Silver

Range of application : For Apple/Samsung/Acer/Asus/Dell,etc