Hollywood Style Vanity Makeup Mirror

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A proper vanity mirror offers light from all sides, not just from the top. This allows proper makeup application that looks great both indoors and out. And LED lights, such as those in our mirror last a long time and give you the most natural-looking light.

💡Vanity Makeup Mirror suits for all ages, it can be used for your make-up, make up online tutorials, for beauticians & parlors. It can also be used as decoration or used as a filler light.
💡Save electricity and protect the environment Unlike other conventional bulbs, 6500K LED bulbs don’t get hot, so there is no fear of burn even if you accidentally touch them.
💡Mirror Light Kit is not only the best lightning for your mirror. It can also be used as a decoration light for your bathroom, mini office, and for your kid’s room.
💡If you want to save electricity bills, these LED lights for Vanity makeup mirror can help you out. It has a low power consumption with 5V power supply, high energy efficient but will not overheat after many hours of use.
💡This vanity mirror is the light-up mirror of today’s modern era. It instantly illuminates the work space so you can perfect your cat eye, shape your brows and color your lips irrespective of day and night


  • EASY TO USE: Easy to install,It is easy and convenient to use stickers for mirror glass, wood, plastic and metal surfaces. Adjustable wire.
  • DESIGN: Well designed, suitable for personal use and professional use.
  • CONVENIENT: Comes with the strong adhesion double-sided tapes, the bulbs could be quickly fixed on both glossy and textured surfaces in a few minutes.
  • ADJUSTABLE: You can easily adjust the brightness of the bulbs to meet your demands.
  • USB TYPE: Easily powered by USB connecting computers, tablets, mobile power
    Vanity Makeup Mirror Hollywood Style Dimmable

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