LED Reading Glasses

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LED  Reading Glasses

  • As the population ages, we all need additional magnification and light for reading. LED  Reading Glasses combines patented, concealed LED technology and stylish reading glasses to create the perfect pair of LED lighted reading glasses. LED  Reading Glasses is the perfect tool for reading in bed, while traveling or in dimly lit restaurants. 

 Innovative Reading Glasses! 

Thanks for visiting my store.  We are working hard to provide our customers with the most innovative reading glasses.

In the past year, LED lighted reading glasses and  Self-adjusting readers are no doubt the most innovative reading glasses in the market. The items on our website are not only innovative in the idea but also affordable items for the most potential users.

LED Lighted Reading Glasses 

LED Lighted Reading Glasses is the newest thing in reading at night but it can be used for more than just reading!

This cool pair of reading glasses have super-bright LED lights built into each corner of the lens frame.  The frame holds their four small batteries and they are good for up to 30 hours of illumination.  It could be used in many different situations :

  • I love to read in bed at night, but I hate getting up to turn my lamp on and off. Besides, my lamp light bothers my husband, who has to get up very early for work.
  • People who have different readers for different tasks. Reading, cooking, sewing, stamp collecting, electronic hobby, fixing jewelry, and even reading the computer. Adapt to all your close-up vision needs in one pair of glasses. .Remember it is also hands-free!

Self-adjusting readers

Adjust each lens with the simple twist of a knob to suit your reading glass strength

Who can benefit?

It is natural that people are of presbyopia with ages in about 40-45, the following is the age and the corresponding glass strength

1). 25-35: +1

2). 35-48: +1.5

3). 49-55: +2

4). 56-60:+2.5

5). 61-70: +3

6). 70: +3.5

7). 75:+4  

Select the glasses to come with attractive, high-quality metal frames, and adjust to fit most faces. The lenses are UV-resistant plastic that blocks most UVA and all harmful UVB rays. Simply wipe them clean — the twin lenses can be hinged apart to remove dirt or water between them. They come with the re-attachable adjuster dial, a hard plastic case and cleaning cloth, an eye test chart, and an instruction sheet.

Adjustable Readers are an innovative product that could be an aid to daily living for senior citizens and aging eyes. It brings assistive technology to the elderly and is an effective and affordable solution to certain kinds of impaired vision. Be the first to own these new and innovative reading glass technology today!

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