Mami Diaper Bag Baby Backpack

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Designed to open up wide so that its easier to find all of the things you need for your baby girl or boy. Plenty of room for diapers, wipes, changing pad (included), teething toys, formula, nappy, bottles, and more. The bottom of the bag has a plastic, waterproof cover to protect your baby’s clothes, diapers and goodies.


Made from high quality, water, spill, and stain-resistant materials. Equipped with extra pockets and stroller bag straps to ensure that you can find the little things and secure the bag while on the go. Whether the diaper bag is on your back or strapped to your stroller, you will have your hands free to do what really matters, take care of your baby.


The front pocket opens wide with waterproof insulation to hold and keep your baby’s formula and milk bottles cool. The waterproof lining ensures that any spills do not make their way to the main pocket and ruin anything.


14 (Fourteen) Pockets! The wide opening main pocket contains 4 other pockets to help you sort baby’s goodies. On one side you have a wipes dispenser so you always have quick access to wipes. 

Because as parents, you know you need them often. Then you have a pocket on the back, front, inside the front pocket, both sides and more! Utility, comfort, quality, and style.

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