Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad


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Our Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad is aimed to design novel consumer electronics, to enhance the customer experience in all aspects. It utilizes the standard Bluetooth 3.0 4.0 technology, integrates with Aerb innovations, to build a full series of high-quality Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, and mice.


  • Power switch: turn on / off the device
  • Touchpad: work like your laptop touchpad
  • Bluetooth pair button: press to active Bluetooth function so ready to pair
  • Press to power on/off the backlight
  • LED 1: indicate power on or off. Flash ready to pair, off after paired
  • LED 2: light on indicates low power; when charging, indicates fully charged if the light on
  • LED 3: light on indicates connect to charger; light off while fully charged
  • LED 4: light on indicates Caps lock
  • Hotkey for “Start”: press to activate start menu on Windows
  • Language switch: press to switch language
  • Function key: work with other keys together for extra functions
  • “Ctrl Alt Del” Combo Key: if you press Fn with this key = press “ctrl + alt + del” together
  • Left mouse: mouse left key
  • Right mouse: mouse right key
  • Navigate key: press to move the cursor up, down, right and left
  • Micro USB port: connect to charge
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