Monster Trucks that Flip, Climb and Zip-Line


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Monster Trucks that Flip, Climb and Zip-Line

Create your own obstacle courses and perform stunts with flexible, easy-to-use tracks and connectors with the Trix Trux 6-Piece Set. Motorized toy stunt trucks can flip, climb, and zip line across designed courses for hours of enjoyment.

Get ready for a full-throttle adventure with monster trucks that flip

The track can be set up any way you want to set it up. One of the things that I love about this set is that my boys can get creative with it. 

Included in the set are one truck, three different ramps, a zip-line, various types of track pieces, track connector pieces, and some stickers for the truck. There are red straight track pieces. These cannot bend. There are a couple of orange curved track pieces and a few yellow track pieces. Unlike the orange and red ones, the yellow ones can bend. This is one of the reasons my boys love this track. They can make their own curves with the yellow track. 

letting your Trix Trux climb, hang, and face plant

It comes with the aerial zip line so you can zip line across any two obstacles. Even upside down. The Tidal Wave lets you flip upside down as you surf the ultimate wave. You can build your race track but then you’ll have to crawl across the cliffhanger stunt. The Monster Ramp even lets you get crazy air, landing on the tracks below and crushing your opponents. There is a piece you can connect the track to so that way the truck can go back down to the ground track

The Tidal Wave Ramp

I think this ramp is my youngest’s favorite ramp in the set. I happen to think it’s pretty cool too. When the truck run up the ramp, it ends up flipping over once it goes over the first wave. Then it continues upside down without even stopping. When it gets to the end, it flips right side up again landing on the track and continues along.

4-wheel Drive and Deep Treads

All trucks are 4-Wheel drive and have deep tread tires with side-by-side grooves that allowing for maximum traction no matter when your take your truck.

 Rev up Their Skills

Trix Trux is the new tricked out, jacked-up monster truck that will encourage your kids to use their imaginations and practice their problem-solving skills, all while having hours of fun and entertainment. They are a great way for kids to have fun with their friends while engages their minds.
If I keep it short and sweet, I would say it’s pretty awesome! Both my boys think it’s pretty cool. My youngest (8 years) plays with it more than my older son does though. He has gotten it out to play with it two or three times a day ever since we got our set.

 What You Get



1 Trix Trux 4-wheel truck,

Monster Ramp, Stunt Guide,

Tidal Wave and Zip Line.


1 Trix Trux 4-wheel truck,

Quick snap flexible track,

Cliffhanger / Rumble Road,

Custom Stickers,

Monster Ramp,

Stunt Guide, Tidal Wave, and Zip Line.

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