Rubber Silicone Floret Bottle

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  • RUBBER SILICONE FLORET BOTTLE:Casual use, simple, not fussy modeling, chic and harmonious.
  • STABLEMagic silica gel adopts new polymer material, and through nanotechnology, numerous small suction cups are made on the back of the vase.
  • SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONSafe use, food-grade environmental protection, rest assured, use peace of mind.
  • REUSEIt can be washed and reused countless times. It is environmentally friendly and clean, making you worry about nothing.
  • WITHOUT A NAILMagic silicone without nails, hooks or glue to avoid hardware damage, beautiful scene, avoid trouble.
  • THERE IS NO TRACEMagic silica gel has no damage, no trace of the wall after use.
  • ADSORPTIONBack gently tear, can be posted anywhere.


  • Glass / Refrigerator / Marble / Tile surface.


  1. Open your bag.
  2. Aim where you want to paste.
  3. Press in the paste area.
  4. Pour into the water.
  5. Insert the flower.

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