Travel Portable Telescopic Folding Stool

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It is a telescopic one-legged chair that can help you relax when you need it.The toughest but lightest portable seat that fits in your pocket and enables you to rest on the go wherever you go.

Our core philosophy is to employ leading-edge technology to reach these goals and make portable seating convenient, awesome and easy to use.

By using only the finest materials we are able to build to the tightest and most demanding specifications. We don’t compromise on materials. We want this chair to last you a lifetime.

It’s no secret that your work position can quickly lead to neck or backaches, which can turn into chronic pain. We’re here to help improve your sitting/standing posture and to help avoid these shooting pains.

If you use a telescopic folding stool for just 30 minutes a day, we guarantee that you’ll feel the difference.

Portable Travel Seat is unique for outdoor events like hiking, theme parks, concerts, and camping. The lightweight ergonomic fold-up seat is collapsible and perfect for commuting, golf, backpacking, and tailgating.


  • Height Adjustable
  • 2-in-1 Seat and Carry Strap
  • Anti-slip Elastopolimer Foot
  • Small and Convenient
  • Black Anodized Aluminium or Black Carbon body
  • Carefully designed to make sitting more stable.


  • Size: 7cm x 7cm x 17cm
  • Category: Folding Tables and Chairs
  • Material: ABS
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