Universal-Car Side Window Shades Auto Roller

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Car Side Window Shades Auto-Roller

The infant baby and passenger will be vulnerable to direct sunshine heat at the back of the seat. Use this car window shades for baby with super shading coefficient for the car rear window, not only can resist ultraviolet rays, reduce the glare of the sun and heat, but also can let the car rear passengers have better rest and protect the child from the sun during the travel.

Requires no additional installation tools, convenient disassembly

Three steps

1. Ripping double-sided tape

2. Attaching to the car window

3. Finally, Attaching the buckle to the window

Two install methods:

1. They would be controlled by rolling up and down the car windows if you fix the curtain on the bottom of the car window.

2. It would be controlled by opening the car door if you fix the curtain on the top of the car window.

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